Cannabis and Patient Care in a Rapidly Changing Environment

Patients are increasingly seeking advice from doctors about cannabis use. This article, originally published on July 12, 2023, in the American Journal of Endocannabinoid Medical (AJEM), is reprinted with permission.

Patients often turn to trusted sources familiar with their medical history for advice and recommendations. To provide the best care, doctors must navigate federal and state laws, and understand the distinctions between hemp and marijuana. Medical providers also grapple with responding to patient requests for “quality products.” In a rapidly changing landscape with new discoveries and innovative product development, this task can seem daunting.

Despite the constantly changing and complex legal landscape for cannabis, there are a few general principles that physicians should keep in mind when addressing patient questions.

Improve Physician-Patient Communication

It is crucial to eliminate any barriers that hinder physicians from openly communicating with patients about cannabis. Patients need to feel at ease discussing cannabis use. Some patients might already use cannabis but refrain from telling their doctors due to concerns about the reaction. By fostering open communication, physicians ensure that cannabis is used safely and effectively, enabling them to identify potential drug interactions or adverse effects.

Before initiating the conversation, physicians should stay informed about the latest research on cannabis and its medicinal uses. They must be prepared to discuss with patients the associated risks and benefits, tailoring recommendations based on medical history and condition.

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